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Learn Uganda's cultural heritage from the Ankole perspective

It also has information on the different kingdoms that neighboured the Ankore Kingdom where a lot of culture and history was shared.

The Nkwanzi Crafts Shop complements the museum by stocking traditional items that are still used today and imitations that one can take away as a souvenir. It also stocks literature about the history represented in the museum as well as titles from other genres.

Our 1520 AD Biharwe Eclipse Monument, that is located opposite the hotel and cultural centre, with its imposing appearance is a piece of cultural gold. Our visitors can trek up the hill for the experience and can also drive there.

Cultural Village

The cultural village (Itaramiro) houses the traditional huts for cattle "Bariisa" and Crop Farmers "Abahiingi". The village also boasts of a spacious Amphitheater and a venue for bonfires and story telling

Nkwanzi Crafts shop

While here, take the time to visit our cultural resident shop where you will find a variety of books that shed light on the history of Ankole and Kigezi.
The Nkwanzi crafts shop also sells beautiful traditional costumes that portray social and societal activities in the region

Mpororo Courts

The mpororo court showcases items that were known to be kept in the Mpororo kingdom in the late 18th century.
We have made efforts to replicate the experience to help you build your knowledge on history

Village Walks/Tours

Reenact tradition by trekking up to the eclipse and visit other local attractions around Igongo. A guide tour will give you first hand experience about the way of life of the region

Visit Igongo

Make a reservation to tour Igongo Cultural facilities as a group or individual.